Business Problem

The retail industry continues to witness a massive shift of their customers from brick and mortar outlets to online e-commerce stores. With the COVID pandemic further forcing people to shop from their homes, businesses are trying to simulate the seamlessness of offline shopping on their websites and mobile applications. However, there is still a major roadblock in the path to achieving this - the lack of the ability to try-and-buy, which still deters many consumers from accepting this trend. especially in segments like apparel and cosmetics. Also, the try-and-buy policy has become infeasible even in physical stores due to the necessary sanitation standards which need to be maintained.

While many e-tailers have tried flexible return options to combat this problem at different stages of their life cycles, it has proven to be infeasible in the long run with the accumulation of massive financial losses caused by the returns. Hence, these organisations are shifting to virtual try-on solutions to better cater to the needs of the consumers.

Our Solution

Using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision techniques, we can develop virtual try-on solutions to allow customers to browse products and also be able to experience their potential look. We developed a proof of concept solution for a leading cosmetic retailer which could be integrated directly into their digital infrastructure and allowed real-time try-on of their various lipstick shades. The demo of the POC is available here and below is a screenshot and a sample video of the same:

Fig 1: Demo Home Page. It features four ways of virtual try-on: On sample image, on uploaded image, on captured image and a live video mode.

Left: Original Video; Right: Video with virtually added lipstick shade