Business Problem

Monitoring of security, people, and processes still largely remains a manual process whether done in-person or remotely through CCTVs.

For security, supervisors need to either manually comb through tonnes of CCTV footage or monitor the feeds constantly in real-time. This turns out to be very costly in terms of time, effort, money, and human resource. Moreover, many anomalies go unnoticed and most are realized after the damage has already been done, which then leads to authorities checking the corresponding footage.

People and Process monitoring for administration, quality control, productivity optimization, throughput maximization, etc., requires intensive resources in terms of time, money, and human capital; and even then a small lapse or error may lead to huge losses and/or accidents. Even with manual efforts, though surveillance can be achieved, optimizations are generally not.

Our Solution

Our intelligent Video Analytics solution uses powerful state-of-the-art Deep Learning algorithms to process video feeds in real-time and enables customized reporting of various events. The solution can be used to automatically monitor:

  • Security Protocols
  • Worker Productivity
  • Quality Assurance
  • Manufacturing SOPs
  • Compliances
  • Social Distancing & Masks
  • Identity Verification & Attendance Management
  • Any custom events as defined by your organization's specific needs

Along with rule-based pre-defined event definitions, the solution is capable of intelligently identifying atypical incidents or anomalies such as thefts, fights, accidents, etc. without any predefinition by the user. In order to identify such events, normal behavior is automatically modeled by the system and any deviations from such normal are identified and reported. Reporting of events is done via real-time notifications/alerts, sent via SMS, e-mail, etc., and also stored & displayed through customized dashboards for periodic analysis.

The system can be directly integrated with your organization's existing CCTV infrastructure (no special cameras are needed) enabling savings of time, money, and efforts from day 1 itself.

Fig 1: Video Analytics Solution in Action

Fig 2: Some use-cases of Video Analytics